Monday, May 26, 2014

Like, Try, Why

I posted before about how much I LOVE book recommendation graphics. In college, I learned that I was a visual learner, so I think these image graphics appeal to my brain. I've seen a couple of them here and there on various social media platforms, for the most part on Tumblr. However, if you are a huge young adult fan, like me, I highly recommend checking out what Epic Reads does with their Like, Try, Why graphic book recommendations.

Above is their most recent Like, Try, Why, which they posted on their facebook last Friday, but has not yet gone live on their blog. I love when I can find recommendations like this, especially when they give you some sort of reason why you would like the book they are recommending.

Sometimes Goodreads is not that accurate, and they start recommending every book in the particular genre that you are currently reading. I see it all the time, and sometimes I try a book that it recommends and it just isn't what I thought it was. Albeit, this can happen with these Like, Try, Why recommendations, but I think since they are a little bit more personal, a reader is more likely to enjoy a book recommended in this format.

I love what Epic Reads is doing with these. Go check out some of their older graphics on their blog.

Got any recommendations? Or know of any other sites doing similar graphics? Leave me a comment below!

Happy Reads Everyone!