Saturday, May 10, 2014

It's dangerous to go alone! Take this!

My initial intention for starting this blog was not only to use it as an outlet for my writing journey, but to also connect with other writers and potential readers. Due to that, I want to provide my readers with some knowledge about being a writer.

I have been struggling to get my novels published for a very long time, so I am no expert, but I like to think I learn with each new draft. And let me tell you, I've been drafting and re-drafting two novels off and on for the the past few years. Anyway, so my first and most important advice I want to give to fellow aspiring writers is to pick up a copy of Novel & Short Story Writer's Market. This book will be your bible on your journey in writing.

This is my second copy of this book. When I was still in high school my cousin gave me the 2007 issue of it, and I read the crap of it. I read that thing cover-to-cover and made good use of the agents and publisher listings as I tried to get published.

Back then, I had not matured as a writer yet, but I am still working hard to get to the point where at least one of my novels can get published. So recently I picked up the 2014 issue, and it was the best idea ever. I highly recommend getting a copy of it if you are an aspiring writer. Whether you aspire to be a novelist for young adult, scifi, mystery, romance or even to write non-fiction, this book is key to your success.

Happy Reads Everyone!