Thursday, May 8, 2014

Book Recommendations for Orphan Black Fans

I try to follow as many libraries, bookstores and general book lover blogs on Tumblr, so I LOVE seeing those "If you like, then try, here's why"graphics come up on my dash. I love it so much, because sometimes goodreads recommendations don't always pan out. I am also a very visual learner, so I think it appeals to how my brain functions. Every time I see these graphics on my dash, I'm 90% sure I always reblog them. 

Before the season 2 premiere of the BBC America original show, Orphan Black, Simon & Schuster Canada posted the above graphic onto their tumblr page. I only saw it because the Pickerington Public Library reblogged it, and I happen to follow them. Of course I started following S & S Canada so fast, and learned that they do these Cup of Tea graphics so much they have a tag page for it on their blog.

I am such a fan of this graphic, because I love Orphan Black. The show had a great marketing plan, because their promos didn't really tell you what the show was about so you had to watch to figure it out. I love the whole concept to the show, and the hair raising plot twists make me continue to tune in each week. Oh yeah, and the fact that Tatiana Maslany is fantastic at playing multiple roles and doing it well. She does it so well, that you forget she is playing all of the characters. 

So if you are an Orphan Black super fan, I highly recommend taking a look at these three. I actually read the The House of  the Scorpion in middle school. I don't remember everything about it, but I remember it being rather weird. I grew up on the X-files, so weird is good for me. I don't think I ever read Double Identity, but I have read a good amount of Margaret Peterson Haddix and I highly recommend her. 

Happy Reads Everyone!