Thursday, May 15, 2014

How to get free books!

Okay, so I want to let my readers in on a little secret about myself. I'm really good at finding book giveaways. Like mad good at it. Here's the trick, you have to be really active on social media.

Since I am not only a writer, but a bookworm, I follow a lot of different publishers, book companies, book lover blogs, etc so I tend to find a lot of book contests in my news feeds.

I think It started in December when I entered Random House's Pin to Win Contest. If you pinned three or more books from their 'Tis The Season board onto a wishlist board and emailed it to their PR, you could win three books from them. I was really surprised when I actually won!

AHH! Look at them! I was so excited. I've only read Songs of Willow Frost so far, but I'll get to the other two...eventually!

So back to my point. Since then, I have been pretty good about finding different book giveaways. Oddly, a lot of them have been on Facebook. Random House did a joint 25 book giveaway with Read it Forward a while ago, and that's how I discovered them. Read It Forward gives a book away a month, so I highly recommend signing up for their emails. Their books aren't always what I am interested in, but I still think it's a cool thing to do.

Epic Reads also does some great giveaways, and they have solid content for young adult readers, so I recommend checking them out as well. I would also look into Book Riot. I haven't really seen any contests from Book Riot, but if you want to shell out the money for a subscription to them, they do send quarterly boxes filled with goodies to their subscribers. 

So basically if you want to win some free books, stay active on social media. But wait, there is one other place you can go for some free books. THE LIBRARY!!!

I used to volunteer at my local library one summer during college when I couldn't find a summer job, and I loved it. I just did my own thing re-shelving books, dvds, cds, etc and I took out books from there non-stop. I think that was the year I read 80 books. I love libraries, so I started donating to mine this year because of it. Remember to support your local library, everyone!

Got any other resources for book giveaways? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Happy Reads Everyone!